SERBIAN HUSSARIA was founded in Serbia, when Serbia encounters for first time Turks , later used to fight and protect Hungarian borders...and later on this cavalry was adopted as masters in military attack, it was very light cavalry. Best in the world at the time

When they first time appeared in Hungary they were called "Rac" short from "Raczsag-Raci" which means Raska (Serbian land)
Later on they appeared in Poland as well, Poles called them "RACOW-RACOWIE-SERBOWIE"
Later in 18 century Russian Empire establishes regiments of Serbian Hussaria, they were defending borders of Russian empire
In 1751 Elizabeth of Russia (empress) order to Austrian new-comer that he forms one regiment of Hussars from Serbs who found refuge on the right bank of the Dnieper called
New Serbia (later renamed to New Russia - Новороссия - Novorossiya)...1752 two more regiments were established to protect new settlements...

1754 more Serbs arrived, Depreradovici and Sevici with many more Serbs, it was specified to them to make new settlements between Bachmut and Lugansk and to form there two more
Hussarian regiments, 1000 men each. In one report Jeropkin noted Hussarian officers, colonel Zoric, lieutenant colonel Preradovic, lieutenant Staniscev, that they did their duty with bravery and honor.
1760 Yellow hussarian regiment was established, in CORP which was going for Berlin there were 3 hussarian regiments, Serbian, Moldavian, and Novo-Serbian
Later in 1765 from earlyer Kozak regiments in Ukraine there was formed 5 hussarian regiments, Ahtirski, Isjumski, Ostrogoski, Sumski, Harkovski
Ahtirski regiment was in war 1769 together with Harkov regimen, Serbian regiment, and Hungarian one

Regarding to origin of hussarian wings:
Wings also originated from Serbia, there were two wings on hussar's back in order to protect himself from Turkish way of roping
Those wings were attached to hussar on his back, they gave to hussar looks like he is rider from heaven.
When Turk would use a rope to catch hussar, rope would be wrapped around these wings and hussar would have time and space to cut out these ropes, also giving him time and space to return swing a sword at Turk.

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